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A dark, story-driven, tactical horror game like no other. Your child is sacrificed to a hungering deity and your only hope of rescuing them means traveling into the maw of the god itself.
Keep your wits about you through a perilous journey and remember, It’s Dark Inside…

About the Game

It’s Dark Inside is a one-of-a-kind horror adventure that combines a grisly setting, a gripping story, and tense strategic combat. You’ll explore the inner workings of a malevolent god, traveling from organ to organ and destroying it from the inside – and hopefully finding the child you’ve lost.


Along the way, you’ll meet some who are sympathetic to your story, and others who seek to halt your progress at all costs, seeing your mission as a threat to their very existence, so you’ll need to be prepared.


Tactical, Tension-Filled Combat

The Godspawn are the deity’s inner protectors, set upon you to stop your efforts at all costs. To progress, you’ll meet them in strategic turn-based combat, carefully planning your moves while reacting to the Godspawn’s own.


It’s Dark Inside features a rotating directional weapon system, and choosing which weapon you’ll use on a given turn – and which direction it’s facing – will determine which tiles your strikes affect.


Enemies in It’s Dark Inside are cunning and powerful, and one wrong move could be your last.


A Twisted, Gritty Setting

The body of a god may be made up of organic, living tissue just like our own – but what happens inside of it is far from usual.


Over millennia, those sacrificed to this god have learned to exist inside of its pulsating walls. They’ve built societies, raised families, and done their best to exist in the unforgiving environment they find themselves in.


In some cases, those born to families here have never seen the outside world with their own eyes, and may have an unexpected perspective on your mission to end the god’s very existence.


Your story will see you exploring unique biomes based upon the various organs of the god itself, all the while dismantling it piece by piece…

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